Sunday, April 29, 2012

As I am sitting in the local coffee shop, doing everything in my power to avoid what I really should be doing (writing my portfolio for graduation), I came across my once very lively blog. After reading, and being inspired by other people's public journals, I thought that I would liven mine up once again. The last blog post was from May 17th 2011. Almost a year from today. Here is what has been my reality for the past year:

1) My blog was originally all about getting clean. And by getting "clean", I mean Facebook clean. I lasted 10 months. Which, in my opinion is pretty damn good. Here are some things that Facebook missed:

June 2011-

Moved back to Lodi for the summer. What a treat. 45 hour work weeks. Not too exciting.

July 2011-

Went on a roadtrip with the Alba clan. Stopped in Gatlinburg, TN, then on to Savannah, GA, all on the way to Jacksonville, FL. Lots of beautiful sights, family filled adventures, and the ocean. Mmmm, the ocean.

But after looking through all of the photographs from our wonderful week and a half of travels, I was extremely disappointed to see pictures like this:

Is that what I really look like? Then I saw this. This one made me cry. (Doesn't Matt look good!)

I should have been focused on how relaxed and how memorable the trip was, but the only thing I could focus on was how I looked. And oh gawd, I was in a swimming suit! And people saw me! And what must they think of me?! That lazy person from Wisconsin. All they do is drink beer and eat cheese. (Which, I do enjoy). I knew it was time for a MAJOR change.

I voiced my concerns with my mom and dad, which they admitted their own concerns about my health. My dad asked the toughest question. "Well, how much do you weigh?".....*GASP*. "173 pounds". At the moment, that number really hit me. I was closer to 200 pounds than 100. For me, that number never seemed possible. Then my dad asked, "What would your ideal weight be?" I shared with him that there was a photograph of Cliff and I at his high school graduation ceremony.

I told him I remember feeling extremely confident and proud. That was at 140. He told me that if I was able to get down to 140 lbs healthily, he would give me $100. But if I gained it back, then I would have to pay him $150. DEAL!

With the support of my family and friends, I joined the local health club. Whether it was 5am or 5pm, I made sure I was able to work out at some point during the day. I made little goals, and rewarded myself once they were accomplished. The balance of eating better, portion control, and exercise, I was able to do this:

August 2011:
This is from Farm Aid 2011 in Kansas City, KS. This is 13 pounds down (160 lbs). I remember having anxiety about what I would be able to eat. At this point I was extremely obsessed about my diet. Despite my OCD, I was able to have a guilt free time. And Willie Nelson, was just as amazing as ever.

September 2011:
Labor Day at the Burlington's. This was another 8 pounds down (152). Not the most fashion savoy moment I've ever had. But doesn't my mama look cute?!

October 2011:

Big Hills Park. Alba family get-together. Long time tradition. This is 7 pounds down (145). I felt over dressed, but still really pretty in that blue strapless dress!

November 2011:
FITNESS MILESTONE: Joe and I ran in my first ever 5K race. It was the Jingle Bell Run in Rockford, IL. My goal was to finish in under 30 minutes (laughable I know). I did! Just barely though. 29 minutes 15 seconds. This was another 4 pounds down (141---> so damn close to my goal, I could smell the money!). If you are wondering what we are doing in the picture, think Aaron Rodgers. Then you will understand.

Matt hates this picture, but I love it. Thanksgiving 2011. Another 3 pounds down. GOAL ACHIEVED! (138). I wore a body hugging black dress and felt so confident!

December 2011:
November brought a move to Beloit, WI for Matt and I. Over the lovely winter season, we both worked at William's Tree Farm in Shirland, IL. This is our little tree. It's so tiny :)

Packer Party! Another 3 pounds down (135). Lots of running, yoga, and tea!

January 2012:
Technically this is NYE 2011, but that dressed stayed on until 2012. Thanks to my mama for not thinking it would be a good idea to throw it away. 2 pounds down (133).

The last hoorah weekend before my student teaching semester began at New Glarus Brewery in New Glarus, WI. I love my friends.

February 2012:

Down to 130 lbs! Time for a new hair-do!

March 2012:

Apparently Matt and I were too busy in March to take any pictures. Oops!

April 2012 (now we are getting up to speed!):

Trip #3 to California. The perfect trip at the perfect time. Unspeakable adventures with my irish twin cousin and the Bubs. The happiness in this picture is something I know will last forever.

So, there is a year in a very very tiny nutshell. May brings another vat of changes. New jobs, new homes, new memories.

Love to all.

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