Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Headin' Down South...

This was our route. Whitewater, WI to Carbondale, IL. 
That's 425 miles of straight, flat, Illinois highway. 

About 3 hours into our journey we did make a very delightful and delectable pit stop in Normal, IL to see Kerry. She so graciously took us to The Coffee House (vegetarian/vegan friendly coffee house and deli).
The Coffee Sitting Room :)
After stuffing our faces, we headed back on the road. Matt decided he would take the wheel from Normal to Carbondale, but within 10 minutes of navigating (with a Garmin mind you), he veered onto the wrong highway. However, this mistake didn't cost us much time (added maybe 10 minutes to the route) and we were able to travel roads new to us. 
We rolled into Carbondale, met up with a very excited Danielle, and made our way to the The Sky Bar  where a comedy/improv/variety show was taking place. We laughed our asses off. The Sky Bar also knows how to make a tasty whiskey sour. 
The next morning, we arose to be presented with a 50 degree day and copious amounts of sunshine.  We went over to "The Comm" so Danielle could finish some last minute rendering, as Matt and I help fold brochures and I read Clean Food (thanks Kerry (: )

After the Comm, we made our way to this lovely vegetarian/vegan friendly coffee shop/eatery called The Longbranch Coffee House.

Matt got a Mocha and Portobello Sandwich....

Danielle raved about the breakfast burrito and fakin' bacon!!!!
And I got a Portobello Sandwich with grilled veggies and a cup of the most delicious hummus I have ever tasted. [The hummus was so good that Matt and I had to go back again that night for dinner.]

After lunch we went and met some of Danielle's cohorts and their lovely cats.
Dan Fogelburg (He has a full name because he is old and dignified.)
Then Danielle suspended cheese in mid air at Schnucks.
Miracles happen. We named her Saint Danielle after this.
 A trip to the bookstore, some down time, and then finally it was time to head over to the Varsity Theatre where Danielle's Senior Thesis show was taking place.

Danielle's show went off without a hitch; her work is fantastic! To celebrate, we went to 
and had ourselves some of the best bloody marys.

We rounded out the weekend by going to breakfast at 

It was superb.

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