Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tour de Brew

The first 6er
The second 6er.
The Beers-
1. Shiner Bock
2. 1554- New Belgium
3. In-Heat Wheat Hefe Weizen- Flying Dog
4. Bell's Pale Ale
5. Mothership Wit- New Belgium
6. Long Hammer IPA
7. 2 Below- New Belgium
8. Moosehead Lager
9. Redhook ESB Original Ale
10. Honey Brown Ale
11. Two Hearted Ale
12. Howl Winter Seasonal

The Testers-
1. Joe "Joe Cool" Alba
2. Matthew "Albasauce" Alba
3. Ashley "Bubby Hamms" Haan

Each beer was rated on a (worst)1 - 10(best) scale. 


1. Redhook ESB Original Lager
       Joe- 4.0- [no comment]
       Matt- 6.9 - MMMMMMMMMMMMMmHmmmm~ said Matt. Cold, amber, crisp, little bitter, but I could picture myself guzzling this after shoveling the neighborhoods worth of driveways and hanging with a few pals.
      Me- 6.7 - Has an I.P.A. crispness. Yummy.

2. Shiner Bock
      Joe- [comment unavailable- he was playing Wii]
     Matt- 4.2 - Light for a bock, like a light tea. Makes me think of watermelon on a summer day. I bet this would taste real nice but I am not really feeling it in this weather...NEXT.
     Me- 4.4- Light taste for being named a bock, has more of a lager taste. Reminds me of a more refined version of Budweiser. Not the biggest fan.

3. 2 Below Ale- New Belgium
     Joe- 7 - "Because it's not bitter. It was smoooooooooth."
    Matt- 8.1 - This is a lovely, hoppy, kick around beer. Although it is cold it seems really earthy and I would love to drink this one bare-footed on a mound of freshly tilled earth. Not quite the country club beer that it is advertised as. That's what makes it so damn good.
    Me- 8.7- This is the light social beer. The kind of beer you want to enjoy only amongst the best company. This is the beer you want to associate the fondest memories to. Yummy yummy in my tummy. 

4. Honey Brown Ale
      Joe- 5 - "Don't. Taste. Honey."
      Matt- 5.3 - I would drink it again... I feel as if this would be a substitute for someone who drinks a lot of Red Stripe. There is a tinge of honey, but not enough to call it "Honey Brown". Could see this beer out on the ice fishing for a bit this winter. This is for sure.
     Me- 6.6 - Strikingly familiar taste. The honey flavor is not present, but there is a subtle sweetness. The sweetness is very complimentary to the lager. Not overly carbonated. To me this beer tastes like a mixture of Leinenkugels Honey Weiss and Fireside Nut Brown.
5. Moosehead Lager
      Joe- 4 - "Goes in a 4, comes out a 7" [That's what she said]
     Matt - 6.5 - Its a bit of a skunk going down, a bit like a Stella or a Heine. The after taste is very pleasant. Sort of one of those "blast air back into your nose to try it over again" beers. I want to drink this while I blast elk with my Gatling gun. (Palin reference) Hell yeah Canada!!!
     Me- 4.5 - Harsh going down. Smoother after taste. If it was in a can I would shot gun it, but that's about it. 
6.    1554- New Belgium
     Joe- [no comment- he was sleeping- shew shew shew]
     Matt- 9 - Really nothing but good. This is the darkest beer we had all night. Although this isn't very "burly" of me to say, but I usually I am not a fan of this sort of beer. That being said, I can taste the loving care in this beer. Sometimes that harshness makes my eyes water but it keeps me good and warm feeling inside. Its late in the night so I am lost for words, but I would like to say that I would entertain beginning an evening with this beer. 
     Me- 8.6 - This beer tastes like coffee. I <3 coffee. Very full bodied. Seemingly mild at first, but KICKS you afterward. Love it. 

7. Howl Winter Seasonal
      Joe- [no comment- still sleeping- shew shew shew]
      Matt- 9.3 - This beer is AMAZING. It is so tasty and I think that it should come in 12 packs just like Pabst. It is a bit neutral so I feel like even though it is delicious and suppose to be seasonal, I would happily drink this beer anywhere and I wish there were more of them! On to the next!
      Me- 9.4 - Now I understand why [you] are $8.99 a 6pk. This beer is DELICIOUS. You taste like a better version of 1554. This could be because I am drunk, but I don't think so. 

8. Two Hearted Ale
       Joe- [no comment- he is dead to the world at this point- shew shew shew]
       Matt- 10 - This was LEGENDARY! I wouldn't have enjoyed this beer even a few months ago, but because of my conditioning and excessive beer drinking as of late, this Ale from Michigan is amazing. I think I will be drinking this one from now on. I know it costs a bit but its worth it. 
       Me- 8.7 - Tastes like Laguna I.P.A. Reminded me of our California vacay.
 [Cliff's comment after tasting -"Really? Are you that drunk?" needless to say he didn't like it]
9. Bell's Pale Ale
     Joe- 5 - "Not bitter going down, but bitter afterward"
     Matt- 5- This is a tasty beverage. I would drink this beer in excess... it is an easy beer to drink and I like some easy I.P.A.s. It isn't as openly bitter as most I.P.A.s. 
     Me- 6 -Good, but not strong enough to be considered an I.P.A.
10. In-Heat Wheat Hefe Weizen- Flying Dog
    Joe- 2- "I can say that it has a nice label."
    Matt- 3 - I usually drink any beer and am not very picky, but this one is sort of not very good. It has a really icky taste and leaves a bit better. With the right atmosphere this taste may improve. The Flying Dog is an attractive label. I would like to try more beers from this brewery. 
    Me- 3- Tastes like diluted nail polish. 
11. Long Hammer I.P.A.
      Joe- [no comment- sleepy sleepy]
      Matt- 5.5- Gimme a six pack of this anytime please.
      Me- 6.4- This beer was good, but it was very mild. Had that lovely "I.P.A. hoppy" flavor, but was not as good as other I.P.A.s. 
12. Mothership Wit- New Belgium
     Joe- [no comment- down for the count- sleepy shew shew]
     Matt- 6- I wasn't that impressed compared to other New Belgium brews. It was tasty, but the flavor was not what I would expect, and that wasn't really a good thing. 
     Me- 6.5- Strong wheat taste. Puts hair on your chesticles. 

Joe- WORST- In- Heat Wheat Hefe Weizen
BEST- Coors Light

Matt- WORST-In- Heat Wheat Hefe Weizen
BEST- Two Hearted Ale

Me- WORST-In- Heat Wheat Hefe Weizen
BEST- Howl Winter Seasonal


  1. Ooo! Thank for this! You know I am trying to get more into beer! This helps! I have heard Belgium beer is the best, so I am not surprised by it's high marks :)

  2. New Belgium is fantastic! I think you would like a lot of the brews you have to offer! If you like coffee then I recommend the 1554 from New Belgium! Otherwise Fat Tire (Amber Ale) is delicious!