Friday, December 31, 2010

He likes it! Bubs really likes it!

Matthew came up to the land where the water is white last night very, very late after working for the man of wood. I promised him I would make him some breakfast in the morning since he was so sweet for coming to see me at Denny K's. (Robby and Marcus came down too to shoot the shit, but Obby passed on my offer and said that he thought all my recipes sounded good but he'd add bacon. Or chicken. Or bacon wrapped chicken. Or steak. Yes, steak.) Bubs willingly accepted my proposition of  trying the chocolate banana steel cut oats breakfast that I made the day before. 

"Possibly the best breakfast I have ever had." SUCCESS!

I plan on making him the Portobello Salad with Spicy Mustard Dressing for lunch. Maybe some Miso soup too. 

Yesterday I wrote out a grocery list for Woodman's for the next recipes I want to attempt to make out of Veganomicon-

Spicy Tempeh Nori Rolls
Silken Mayo (Another essential staple of any Vegan kitchen)
Wasabi Mashed Potatoes with Asparagus

VERY EXCITED! Happy New Year Everyone!

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